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Jackson homeowner celebrates the season with beautiful light display

By Donna Smith/ correspondent Published: December 10, 2012
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The Victors encourage people to come and take a look at the lights and are happy to give a grand tour.

JACKSON TWP.: During the holidays, some people concentrate on buying the perfect gifts, while others just try embracing the spirit of the season. 

And some make it their mission to have the most beautiful decorations in their neighborhood.

Just off of Portage Street in Jackson Township, Jody and Kathy Victor own a home  worth seeing this holiday season. The Victor's house is located at 7041 Meadowlands Ave. N.W.

"We are the best kept secret in Jackson Township," said homeowner Jody Victor. Victor has been setting up an elaborate light display since he had his home built in 2001.

"We add more and more every year,” he said. “It just keeps getting bigger and bigger."  

The decorations take three days to set up and are put together by the Bluegrass Landscaping Company. Each night during the season, the landscaping company comes out to the house to check on each and every light to insure that they are all working properly.

The lighting display includes jumping reindeer that are lit up in the backyard, many lighted trees, presents, Santas and Christmas music which is set up to enhance the light display.

"We get a lot of traffic this time of year," said Victor. An Ohio State graduate and huge fan, Victor also has a "mancave" dedicated to the team he loves. He also decorated his room Ohio State Santas, lights and Christmas trees.

The Victors have 15 Christmas trees on display in their home.

Victor grew up in Akron. He is a web-based businessman who is currently the president of MarkerNET, Inc. He said that he and his wife love the holiday season and encourage people to come and take a look at their house. Victor will personally take any visitor around his home and is happy to give the "grand tour."

"The lights are turned on at 4:30 every evening and I keep them running until 2:30 in the morning,” Victor said. “I encourage people to take a look at the display and I love it when cars drive by slowly to check it out."

Do you have holiday decorations like the Victor family? Be sure to enter the Holiday Lights contest. Voting ends Dec. 24.


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