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Highway division gets approval for new equipment

By Donna Smith-Rovan/ correspondent Published: December 20, 2012
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Jackson Township Trustees approved new equipment for the highway division.

JACKSON TWP: The Board of Trustees approved the budget for new equipment in the highway division during its meeting on Tuesday.

Public Works Director Ralph Boger presented the request to the board.

"We need to update all radios in the trucks that we are using now," said Boger.

The radios will cost the township $7,040. The highway division is also in need of a new brine tank that will enable workers to pre-wet the salt that will be used to fight the icy roads this winter. The cost is $5,719.

In other highway division news, the Lake O'Springs/Brunnerdale resurfacing project is now complete. There was a credit due to the township of approximately $3,000. This credit is for a paint change that was thought to cost more at the beginning of the project.

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