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Jackson Township Historical Society hopes to keep Jackson's history alive

By Donna Smith/ correspondent Published: December 16, 2012
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The Jackson Township Historical Society is located at Jackson Center School on Fulton Road.

The Jackson Township Historical Society is working hard to preserve the history of the township. The society has thousands of documents and photos related to the township in the Jackson Center School basement.

Recently, a new dehumidifier was purchased for the basement in order to reduce moisture and keep the documents dry and free of damage. A new software system was also purchased that will record all past and future donations. Anyone wanting to do research will be able to use the searchable database to find information on documents, quilts, clothing and other memorabilia.

There are still a number of projects the society would like to institute in the near future. The sign in front of the Jackson Center School needs to be replaced, special film should be placed on the windows of the schoolhouse to keep the sun's rays from damaging the items inside, archival-quality sleeves and boxes need to be purchased to protect documents and the society would like to plan more events and programs for the community.

The historical society relies on volunteers, and there are opportunities to help catalog documents, present programs and write articles for the newsletter. They also welcome donations of artifacts related to Jackson Township history including photographs, yearbooks, sports programs, uniforms and other items.

For more information on the historical society, please contact Greg Weekley at 330-494-2470 or Doris Wertz at 330-832-6905. The society is located at the Jackson Center School, 7756 Fulton Road N.W.


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